meaning of numbers, 11:11 & other Numerical patterns


MEANING of NUMBERS 1 through 9


1   Beginnings, independence, innovation, leadership, pioneer, aggressive, competitive, short-sighted, can be selfish, healing hands.


2   Harmony, relationships, sensitive,  unity, cooperation, teamwork, patience, kindness.


3   Lucky, emotional, expansion, imaginative, creative, expressive, dramatic, entitled, synchronicity, optimistic, communication, social.


4   Building, foundation, hard work, endurance, seriousness, practical, control, OCD, policy, procedure, rules, ego.


5   Change, progress, adventure, freedom, progressive thinking, transition, resourceful, versatile, sales & promotion, technology, gossip, boredom.


6   Nurturing, loyalty, responsibility, marriage & divorce, birth & death, fertility, beauty, education, domestic, family focus.  Also rules your pets, home, and friends that are like family.


7   Analysis, research, tenacious, science, technology, solitude, spiritual, focused, over-thinking, investigative, mystical, metaphysical, nature, mystery, meticulous.


8   Finance, authority, power, business, success, material wealth, organization, chases tail, hypocrisy, learns the hardway, karma-in-action. 


9   Humanitarian, old soul, generous, end of a cycle, vision, long-game, transformation, spiritual consciousness, cosmic, global awareness, wisdom, sense of humour.


Master Numbers are probably one of the most mis-understood areas of Numerology. 

They carry both blessings & burdens.  Special gifts, high expectations, and hard lessons.


11   Master of Illumination, inspirational, one who raises consciousness, destined events, intuition, ahead of their time. 

A doorway of opportunity and signal of awakening (including seeing 11:11).


22   Master Builder, visionary, plans and executes, thinks big, furthers the consciousness of humankind, powerful skills of manifestation, humanitarian.


33   Master Teacher, Master of Compassion, Master of healing through love, use of creative energies to serve others.  True 33 energy is found through the addition of an 11 & 22.


111– This signifies that new beginnings are happening now.  Exercise your leadership, independence, originality, and ingenuity.  Move forward with Divine guidance.  Be careful to keep your thoughts positive.  1’s hold the power for instant manifestation.

222 – Focus on relationships.  Family, romantic, or business.  Cooperation, negotiation and mediation are key.  Sensitivity is high.  Everything is working out as it should for everyone involved.  Have faith.

333 – Body, Mind & Soul.  Communication, expression and creativity.  You are encouraged to express this energy or to look for a creative solution to your challenge.  Practice gratitude for all you have, and all that is yet to come.

444 – This is the Angel Number.  When you see 4:44 on a clock, license plate, etc., I always feel it is like getting a hug from your Angels.  Give gratitude for Divine timing and Divine guidance.  Remember to ask the Universe and your angels for support.  The 4 offers a strong foundation to build your dreams upon.

9's  – Who do you need to forgive?  Forgiveness releases Karma.  I'll say that again, Forgiveness releases Karma.  9-energy brings endings and a conclusion to relationships or a situation.  The Universe doesn't negotiate, if it wants it it takes it.  Release what you are being urged to give up with grace and make room for new blessings to come in.

11:11 – The Universe is listening.  What is your true Heart’s Desire?  The 11 is a like a doorway, offering you an entrance to a higher consciousness and asking you to raise your vibration.  Manifest and Create now.  The Universe is here to assist you.  Keep your thoughts positive.

12:34 or 1:23 – This signifies progress and forward movement.  A sign from the Universe that you are on the right track.

Birthday – When you see your own birthday it is a sign that you are on the right track.  Your guardian’s and guides are looking out for you. 

When you see someone’s birthday who is close to you, they may need your help or are going through a tough time. 

If it is someone’s birthday who has departed, it is like a “hello” or hug from the other side.  They are letting you know they are helping and assisting you.  They have not left your side.

Look for Numerical Messages from the Universe in your daily routine.  It is an easy way for communication and to receive messages or signs.  License plates, addresses, phone numbers, clocks, totals at checkouts, and more, all offer a window for communication.