About Me

Numerology changed my life!

Not just because it led to my departure from the corporate world and into a spiritual one, but because it gave me an understanding of my personality and relationships.   It revealed why I felt responsible for the outcome of everything and everyone, and why I found myself in the same situation over and over again (queue the karmic debt).  There's a high and low vibration to every number.  Recognizing many of my less attractive, lower vibrating attributes,  I made some BIG CHANGES!  Many new relationships, a new career, and a new name!  My experience as an Executive in the corporate world, as a small business owner, and then back to the corporate world, provide me with a radically different view point.  A view and depth of experience that I now use to relate and understand my clients.

Over 10-years ago I began studying Pythagorean Numerology.  I was fascinated with the accuracy.  My first readings were accidental and unassuming party guests.  I couldn't help myself when I got into a group of people.  I'd make observations and NEED to find out their birthday digits.  At one party a line-up formed.  This is a gift!

After many courses and certifications in everything from Realm Reader, Angel Card Reader, Certified Crystal Healer, Dream Interpretation, and of course Numerology, I received a major sign from the Universe, a big push from my husband and began The Joy of Numerology (it was my personal 8-year after all, is there a better time to start a business?). 

Now with well-over 2,000 readings behind me, and meeting so many beautiful souls along the way, I continue the journey and look forward to sharing the gift of Intuitive Numerology & Love Math with you!  After a reading with me, you will never see your world quite the same again.