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Your name & birthdate reveal your special talents and gifts.  It can help you choose a rewarding career path, predict compatibility in relationships, bring understanding to situations, or pick an auspicious date for special occasions and epic events. 

LOVE MATH can predict compatibility and also show your likely areas of discord.  Your DESTINY NUMBER will reveal your career strengths, your SOUL NUMBER will show your true heart's desire and most compatible mate.

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About Me


Joy has most recently added tv host to her list of accomplishments, hosting the Joy of Numerology tv show on CATV1.  She also added Author with The Beginner's Guide to Numerology being released December 2019.

Continually learning and adding to her metaphysical expertise, she has recently become a Certified Crystal Healer with the Hibiscus Moon Academy.  She teaches workshops and classes on crystals, the magic of crystal grids, abundance and of course Numerology.

She lives by the numbers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her husband and her dog Wolfgang.

Read more of her story in the "About Me" section.

What To Expect


Numerology reveals your SOUL CONTRACT.    It is the science of numbers and their vibrational energies.

Have you ever wondered why you get along with certain people and end up in battles with others?

Do you have a favorite parent or child?  Did everything change with your partner or friends after you changed your name?

Readings can predict the success of a relationship, your career, reveal karma, money blocks and much more.

Numerology is a fabulous predictor of timing.  Gain understanding of how to move and make decisions with the natural flow and drumbeat of your life.

Readings are offered in-person, Zoom, or FaceTime.

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