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Numerology Blueprint


Your Soul Contract Revealed! Learn how other people perceive you, your true Heart's Desire, what career path your Destiny Number reveals, karmic debt, karmic lessons and more. Timeline and Numerical Predictions included.


Annual Planning Session

Receive your Numerical Personal Energy Forecast. Your best personal dates to begin projects, work on your relationships, focus on family or change careers, etc. *Also includes working with the New and Full Moon as well as Astrological cycles.

One Question by Zoom


ONE QUESTION answered by a zoom. Ask about anything, LOVE, CAREER, FAMILY, HEALTH, MONEY, etc. Must provide FULL Birth Certificate Name & Birthdate (day, month & year).


Discovery Session

A Discovery Session is a perfect introduction and can provide Life-Changing Information. Learn your Core Profile numbers and Personal Year & Month Cycle. Please indicate Zoom or Facetime.


Love Math

Two Numerology Blueprint's & Comparison Compatibility Reading Reveals compatibility, karmic relationship patterns, soul match's, how to improve your relationship, how to resolve problems, and reveals the deal-breakers


30 Min Ask Anything

This is perfect for the skeptic who is unsure about Numerology, past clients with follow-up questions, or someone who needs a quick answer. Please indicate FaceTime or Zoom.


Baby Name Consult

Choosing a baby name is a huge responsibility. It is part of the soul contract that will influence the experiences, personality, and karma. *Price may increase based on the number of names numerical analyzed.


Business Name Selection

Ensure the name of your business is in harmony with your Personal Numerology. The name can decide your fate of success and profitability. *Price based on time required to find the perfect harmony.


Name Change Consult

Changing your name is not something to take lightly. Whether it is for marriage or a new start and change in direction, it's so important to understand the energy and impact it will have on your life.


Under the Moon Session

A complete session including your numerology blueprint, Annual planning session and follow-up questions. Find your true Heart's Desire, what career path your Destiny Number reveals, karmic lessons and your best personal dates to Begin Projects, Take Risks and more. 


In-person Numerology Blueprint w/follow-up

For those of you who are local, in-person appointments are a 90-minute minimum. We can discuss anything you like!


Numerically Identify your Abundance Blocks

*online only. Identify your Numerical Patterns that reveal your abundance blocks. Plan your year by the numbers.


Special Date Selection

Selection of a date for any special day or event in your life. Weddings, IVF, surgery, home purchase, career change and more. Numerically bringing in the right energy can hugely influence the outcome of events.


Fertility & IVF Dating

Infertility can be highly emotional. There are numerical influences in you and your partner/donor's personal cycle that greatly affect your chances of successful conception. Email for additional information.

30 minute

*specifically for the Numerology Blueprint Session


Numerology Blueprint

personalized readings

*may be applied to all readings but not products

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