Be Your Own Numerologist


Formulas - Be your own Numerologist

Formulas - Be your own Numerologist


This section provides you with all the formulas and information you need to create your own Numerology Blueprint.  Caution though, the real magic to reading a chart is in the combinations.  Don't be misled by generic Numerical definitions.

Pythageron Numerology Chart


Pythageron Numerology is the ancient system I have found to be most accurate for the Western World.

Use the above chart to assign a number to the letters in your name, company, etc.

Your Personal Year & Personal Month


To find your Personal Year Number, add your Month & Day of Birth to the Universal Energy or calendar year.  Add and reduce to a single digit.

To find your Personal Month, add the numerical value of the calendar month (January =1, February=2, etc.)  to your Personal Year.

Life Path Number


The Life Path Number is the special path that you walk in this lifetime.  This number reveals your talents and natural abilities that will help you achieve your true calling and mission in life.  This is the most important number in your chart.

You can calculate your Life Path Number by adding all of the digits of your birthday.  Example:  February 27, 1984

February is the second month, 

2 + 2 +7 +1 +9 +8 + 4 = 33

3 + 3 = 6 

This person has a 6 Life Path

Birthday Number


This number indicates special talents you possess.  It also reveals particular lessons you are trying to learn in this lifetime.  It contributes to how the world views you.

Your Birthday Number is simply the calendar day you were born on.  If it is a double digit, add and reduce.

Attitude Number


The Attitude Number is what people think they are getting when they first talk to you.  It is the first impression number.  When the Life Path and Attitude are in harmony with each other, people better understand you.  Otherwise they may think you are someone you're not.  It is the number that also contributes to, and usually gets you hired. 

Your Attitude Number is found by adding your Month and Day of Birth together.

Soul or Heart's Desire


Reveals what you feel inside.  People may not see this part of your character but it is something you feel and let guide you.  Important in romantic relationships.

Find your Soul Number by using the Pythageron Numerology Chart and assigning each vowel in your name the appropriate number.  Be careful of any  "y's". If the "y" is next to another vowel, generally it is treated as a consonant.

Add the vowels in your name.  Reduce until you have a single digit or Master Number.

Personality Number


This number show how others see you.  It is how others define you.  Your public self.  This is usually the number that gets you hired.

Your Personality Number can be found by assigning all the consonants in your name the appropriate number from the Pythageron Numerology  Chart.  Reduce until you have a single digit or Master Number.

Destiny Number


This number represents the strength of your name and lets the world know who you are.  It usually indicates how well you will perform at tasks and career.

Now that you have found your Soul and Personality Numbers, you can easily find your Destiny or Expression Number.  Simply add the Soul and Personality Numbers together for the total numerical sum of your name.

Maturity Number


This number shows the direction for the second half of your life.  It represents your "true self" as the inner you and outer you begin to live in harmony.

Your Maturity Number is found by adding your Destiny Number and Life Path Number together.  Reduce until you have a single digit or Master Number.

Karmic Lessons & Debt


Karmic Lessons are found through the missing Numerical energy in your full name.  Check for any missing numbers that are not represented.

Karmic Debt is indicated by finding a 13/4, 14/5, 16/7 or 19/1 prior to reducing to a single digit.  

A Numerologist can explain the combinations and meaning of Karmic Energy.

Universal Energy


The Universal Energy is based on the calendar year.

Example:  2018 is an 11/2 year

2+0+1+8= 11/2

2+0+1+9=12/1+2= 3

2+0+2+0= 4