Finding the Perfect Wedding Date: Part 2

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1 – this can mark a new beginning, but the 1 also represents independence and can be selfish. One energy is good at starting things, not always good at finishing them. Loyalty is not the strength here.

2 – Harmony, balance, cooperation, a real team.  Guard against codependency.  The 11, a master number, is very auspicious. Two 1’s coming together, a doorway to your new future.  Low vibe it will vibrate as a double 1 with duality and selfishness.

3 – This is very social, creative energy and can be highly emotional.  While suggesting you will have a rocking celebration (3 is the party number), with this date you will have to be cautious of taking each other for granted and ensuring safe, open communication. Likely to be an emotional day.

4 – Four is a foundational and loyal number.  This relationship may be all work and no play, very structured, or could suggest medical or politics become a theme.  You will have to work on optimism and guard against being too uptight.

5 – This is the number of change!  It can represent the change in your marital status and a relationship full of adventure. It is also the number of drama and chaos.  The officiant could be late, the caterer might not show, etc.   I only recommended this date for those who resonate strongly with this energy in their chart or concord.

6 – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  This is the ideal date for a wedding. The 6 is also ruled by Venus the planet of love.  A fabulous day for a wedding full of beauty, family & friends.  The 6 also is the most loyal of the numbers.  Beware of perfectionism getting in the way of enjoying your day.

7 – This day for a wedding is one of the least favoured.  Especially if you are thinking about the 16th of the month.  The 16/7 holds the karmic vibration of abuse of love.  The seven also rules the legal system and can be both secretive and obsessive (think stalking vibes).  My advice, just don’t, even if you are a life path 7.

8 – This day suggests a lavish, expensive, blow the budget kind of day.  Relationships that are sealed under this vibration are often focused on money, finances or fame.  Potential to be a true power couple. The 8 is a number where patterns are often repeated and where karma finds balance.  Total reversals are possible at any time.

9 – While some view this number as having energy for a spiritual and long lasting relationship, it is my experience that things that start under 9 energy do not grow roots or establish themselves.  Nine energy favours endings rather than beginnings.  It teaches us about forgiveness and letting go.  Best avoided, however, there are always rewards realized under this energy. There are complex calculations that if present could make it work.

Timing is Everything: Consider the specific date and time of your wedding. Certain days of the week are associated with particular energies. For instance, Sunday is linked to the sun, symbolizing vitality and strength, while Saturday is associated with Saturn, representing discipline and responsibility. Most favoured are Thursday which is Jupiter’s day, the giver of gifts and luck, or Friday which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love.

As for the clock:  11, 2 , 3:30, or 6 are the most auspicious times for a wedding ceremony.  You may also want to check the Planetary Hour.

Astrology Meets Numerology: The influence of astrology is also important in your wedding date selection.  Absolutely AVOID Mercury Rx, Mars Rx and especially Venus Rx.  Depending on how cosmically conscious you are, Moon Phases will also be a big consideration in your decision.

In the realm of Indian or Vedic Astrology, the phases of the Moon reign supreme. A waxing moon, gleaming with promise and potential, is hailed as the ultimate harbinger of good fortune. It’s like catching a cosmic wave of positivity! However, tread cautiously when the Moon retreats into shadow during the phase of no illumination. Getting hitched under such dim celestial vibes is not recommended for a stellar start to your cosmic union!

In regards to compatibility, Numerology and Astrology most often compliment each other and very seldom contradict.  If you are compatible in an astrological birth chart your numerology profile will reveal similar strengths and challenges.  It will provide you additional information and angles to provide deeper insight.

In the realm of numerology, selecting the perfect wedding date has a lot of moving parts.  Special date selection is one of the most difficult aspects when learning Numerology.  For weddings it’s about embracing the cosmic energies that can influence your marriage’s success and harmony. By understanding the significance of numbers and Numerology compatibility, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your unique energetic signature as a couple.

As you embark on this magical journey of wedding planning, let the sacred science of numerology guide you in finding the perfect date that resonates with the energies of the universe and sets the stage for a beautiful, harmonious marriage.

Ronald & Nancy Reagan — October 17, 2013 — 1+8+6=15/6
Married for 52 years the 6 gave them a loving romance.  Nancy was a known follower of astrology and metaphysics. The 4th foretold of a political future as well as health issues in their later years together.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson — April 30, 1988 — 4+3+8=15/6
This couple has been married for over 35 years. The date extremely harmonious to both of their personal Numerology Charts

Victoria & David Beckham — July 4, 1999 — 7+4+1=12/3
The 3 enjoys the spotlight and this power couple has stayed in it! 

Barack & Michelle Obama — October 31, 1992 — 1+4+3 =8
Barack was actually sick the day of their wedding, but he rallied for the ceremony. Total 4 energy (31st).  Also reflects their political partnership. Overall an 8 day, a true power couple and in complete harmony with their life path’s. Both of them are 11/2’s.

Kim & Kanye — May 24, 2014 — 5+6+7=18/9.
The 24th is a 6 representing family and love. They did have 4 children together. However under the 9 energy it did not last.

Bill & Melinda Gates — January 1, 1994 — 1+1+5=7
Selfish (1’s) with a very messy legal split (7).

Liza Minnelli & David Gest — March 16, 2002 — 3+7+4=14/5
Setup for failure. Double karma of addictions (14/5), and abuse of love (16/7). The 5 rules drama and impulsive behaviour. It delivered.

Prince Charles & Lady Diana — July 29, 1981 — 7+11+1=19/1
19/1 represents abuse of power karma, and shows itself as trouble with authority figures. There is always a high and low vibration to every number. In this case the 29/11 showed itself as duality and a double dose of selfish 1 energy. King Charles is a Life Path 11/2, Diana a 16/7. There is a 5 between them. This stress number can bring chaos and drama at the low expression.

Harry & Meghan — May 19, 2018 — 5+1+11=17/8
The 19th represents the abuse of power from a past life and trouble with authority figures. The 8 is about money, fame, power and business.



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