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We are coming through the final week of Mercury Retrograde.  I have been encouraging my clients to REframe their REtrograde.  That is exactly what I used this intense REtrograde period for.  The has been completely REimagined with a REvised logo, and a completely REdesigned website.

The New Moon in Libra yesterday (September 25th) brought us some much needed fresh energy making it the perfect time to plan for your Magical October. What do you want more of?  What are your goals and wishes? Get clear and take action to give the Universe clear direction and set a theme for 2023.

October holds the Numerical vibration of your next personal year.  To find yours check out the Attitude Number on my Formulas page.

The Magic of October

Pay special attention to the month of October.  It is the best fortune teller of things to come.  It holds the numerical vibration of what will be your theme for your next Personal Year.  You can mindfully influence this energy by sending messages to the Universe of what you desire and want to call in.

If you have trouble getting places on time, be punctual in October, and it will be less of a struggle in the following year.  Want more time to read?  Make time for reading now and the habit will stick.  If you set the tone in October, the Universe will help you achieve what you’ve set out to do for the rest of your year.  Pay attention to unexpected and unplanned events —think injuries, chance meetings, or travel delays —these are hints of what will come next year.

I’m equally diligent about what I don’t want more of:  I don’t take my dog to the vet, go to the dentist, or take my car for so much as an oil change.  I don’t want more of any of those things in my year unless absolutely necessary.

Fill October with what you love, and set clear intentions.  This goes for every October, for everyone.

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