Finding the Perfect Wedding Date: Part 1

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When planning a wedding, there’s no shortage of decisions to make, the wardrobe, the venue, the guest list. One of the most long-lasting, and often not given the cosmic calculation that is warranted, the wedding date! Have you ever considered that the date of your wedding can play a pivotal role in setting the stage for your lifelong journey together? In the sacred science of numerology, certain dates possess unique energies and vibrations that can significantly influence the success, harmony and theme of a marriage. 

Numerology can help you select the perfect wedding date that resonates with the cosmic weather of the universe and with natural vibrations to your personal Numerology profiles as a couple.

Numerology is where science and the metaphysical merge. Dates hold significant and specific vibrations. These values are used to uncover hidden meanings and insights about various aspects of life, including your wedding date. By reducing the numbers of significant dates to their single-digit equivalents, we can gain profound insights into the energy, karma and themes they carry and how they can affect your marital journey.

Your life path number is one of the most significant in Numerology. This number, calculated from your birthdate, reveals your unique life purpose, character and natural talents. It is the key to understanding your journey in this world. To calculate your life path number, reduce each component and add up these digits of your birthdate.  Reduce them to a single digit.

Example, if your birthdate is April 14, 1988 (04/05/1988), you would add 4 (for April), + 5 (1+4=5) +  8 (1+9+8+8=17/8), which equals 17, and then reduce it further to 1+7, resulting in a life path number of 8.

It is important to add each component of the birth date (day, month, year) separately. It reveals important information prior to the final reduction. Calculating it straight across is simply lazy Numerology and a clear red flag you are not dealing with a professional Numerologist.

In this example the 14th birthday reveals Karmic Debt from a past lifetime of an addictive personality and over indulgence.  Something you definitely would want to be aware of in a relationship. 

Compatibility is key.  It can not solely be based on Life Path numbers, although this is an excellent place to start.  Your Soul Number, calculated through the vowels in your original birth certificate name, reveals your secret-self and attitude towards love.  Your birthday numbers are also an important place to find harmony.  When calculating a compatibility chart, I look for a minimum of three harmonious matches in a profile.  The stress numbers between a couple reveal the challenges or obstacles they may face.  This is where the relationship will require more effort to survive.

In Numerology there are 3 concords: 1, 5, 7 — 2, 4, 8 — 3, 6, 9 these groups are considered harmonious or natural matches.  The interactions of these concords create a magical symphony when they find balance.

Every compatibility chart is likely to have some incompatible notes.  This is where we challenge each other, work on our soul evolution and find growth.  Often couples will share karmic lessons or debt representing a karmic relationship or unfinished business from a past life

Your life path number is just one of the considerations you will want to look at in your decision. The ideal wedding date will consider your unique energies and compatibility. Here are some guidelines to creating cosmic magic:

Auspicious Numbers: Some numbers are considered more auspicious for weddings than others.  The ideal date (if it resonates with your chart of course) is a 6 followed by the 2. The number 6 represents love, marriage and is very nurturing.  It rules beauty and perfection, the vibration can help promote a fabulous day!  Getting married on the 6th, 15th, or the 24th is a solid start to choosing a date.  You also want to look at the total date (day+month+year).  Ultimately my preference is if it adds up to a 6, a 2 or 11.   Without taking an entire chart into consideration, these dates are an obvious numerical choice for those seeking a long-lasting and profound union.

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